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The baby shower is a celebration of the impending baby. Family and friends celebrate this event with the utmost enthusiasm. During this event, elders come together to give good wishes, blessings and suggestions to conceive a healthy child. The entire festival is filled with laughter, stories from the elders, and an embrace of new experiences for mothers. A mother needs to look radiant and mesmerizing for this special occasion, and today, Pallavi, a makeup artist in Pune, is sharing her baby shower makeup tips. In this blog, we’ve got you covered with the best baby shower makeup tips to make you a beacon of shine. 

These baby shower tips will give the mom-to-be a radiant glow on her face.

Baby shower makeup shouldn’t be heavy; it should be lightweight and natural in appearance. Below, we are sharing the tips that will bring a radiant glow to the face of the mom-to-be. 

  • Moisturize internally and externally

The Pallavi makeup artist is a pro in this industry, and she understands the importance of moisturizer application before setting up makeup. The real glow comes when you start moisturizing your face. Hydrate the face with serum for dry skin and moisturizer for normal skin to amp up the look of the face. 

  • Primer time

After moisturizing the face, apply a primer that prepares it for makeup application. The use of primer extends durability and creates a smooth canvas to put makeup on. The type of primer you choose should be suitable for your skin type and add flair to your makeup. 

  • A light and full-coverage foundation

Once you’ve prepared the perfect makeup base, it’s time to create a flawless appearance with a lightweight foundation. To prevent the cakey appearance, blend the foundation properly to give the skin an even, fresh and radiant appearance. 

  • Conceal and brighten.

During the maternity period, women often experience physical and mental distress, which can lead to issues such as breakouts and blemishes. However, this is a natural thing, and you can hide it with a concealer. Pallavi recommends blending the concealer with a ring finger to achieve a flawless appearance.

  • Rose and cherry cheeks.

As you transition from a lady to a mother, you will experience a beautiful shift that brings a smile to your face every day. To highlight more rose and cherry cheeks, you can use natural cream blush to outshine your beauty. Pallavi recommends applying it to your cheeks’ apples and blending it upwards.

  • Define your eyes and eyebrows.

During a makeup look, your eyes should appear natural and soft. Pallavi recommends sticking to neutral tones such as soft brown, taupe eyeshadow, and a shimmery champagne shade on the lid. One can use the pencil and powder to create full coverage with it

  • Long-lasting lip color

Once you are involved in the event, you won’t be able to step out after a few minutes for touch-ups and other maintenance. This is why Pallavi makeup artists in Pune suggest using a lip color that is hydrating and long-lasting to complement the baby shower makeup look. Some of the best colors for a baby shower makeup look are nude, pink and berry shades. 

  • Setting spray

The setting spray is the final makeup stage for a baby shower, and this helps the makeup stay fresh throughout the event. Pallavi recommends a dewy setting spray, which allows the makeup to lock in and creates a fresh and radiant makeup for baby shower throughout the day.

Why should you choose Pallavi for baby shower makeup? 

For mothers, baby shower makeup is a highly auspicious and special event in their lives. Choosing the best makeup artist for a baby shower is critical. Our service makes it easier to find a makeup artist. Her name is Pallavi. She is a professional makeup artist in Pune and has a wide range of experience working with diverse regions of clients. Pallavi is adept at almost every type of makeup, including baby shower makeup looks for a variety of occasions. Are you looking for the best makeup artist in Pune for your upcoming baby shower? Next, give Pallavi a try to create a vibrant and radiating appearance on your special day. 

There are several important factors to consider for baby shower makeup.

Being pregnant requires significant sacrifices from the mother, which is why it’s crucial to prioritize self-care during the event. When attending the event, consider the following are the makeup tips to ensure you have the best possible experience:

  • Get plenty of rest. 
  • Stay hydrated 
  • Stay relaxed with makeup on.
  • If you’re uneasy with makeup or something, tell someone.
  • Be comfortable sharing your opinions about the type of makeup you want. 
  • Wear light-weight dresses that you can carry effortlessly.
  • Choose lightweight jewelry. 
  • Choose a makeup look that doesn’t harm the face in any way.


The expert tips from the Pallavi makeup artist will provide a mesmerizing experience and double the celebration for the baby shower. Since true beauty comes from within, you should feel confident in your appearance. Instead of seeking compliments from others, it is important to appreciate yourself. With the assistance of a Pallavi makeup artist in Pune, you can achieve the epitome of elegance in your appearance through a baby shower makeup look

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