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Pune is a metropolitan city renowned for its youthful vibe. However, we will not be discussing the city’s luxurious lifestyle or its reputation as the “Oxford of the East.” Today we are going to talk about other news that is getting more heat, and people are getting obsessed with moving for this particular thing. And that is makeup beauty. You can find many professional wedding makeup artists in Pune who are setting new standards in the makeup industry. Almost everyone aspires to be a trendsetter or a crowd-puller. Well, this city is paving the way for attention seekers and makeup lovers. In this blog, we’ve got you covered: How are makeup artists in Pune setting new trends in 2024? Keep reading 

Here are the reasons why makeup artists in Pune are setting new trends in 2024. 

If you want to grow in any industry, then it is crucial to keep evolving yourself. The more you evolve, the more easily you can stand out in front of others. Here, we’re also sharing the reasons why the makeup artists in Pune have mastered their hand art:

  • They are experts at fusion.

While traditional makeup techniques are not obsolete, incorporating modern elements into them can enhance eye appeal and make them the ideal choice for any upcoming party or event. Makeup artists in Pune are much more creative and proficient in adding glam to any kind of look. 

  • Sustainability is a trend.

Pune is a green urban city, and people understand the importance of being eco-friendly and planet-conscious. Pick sustainable styles that remain “all-time trendy” in the makeup industry. Incorporate makeup products that mirror the industry and shape perceptions. This kind of transition not only favors the customer but also sets a precedent for planet-responsible choices. 

  • Personalized makeup experiences

2024 is all about personalized makeup, which is why makeup artists in Pune never underestimate it. Based on their skin tone, preferences, and type of occasion, makeup artists cater to the customer to match their needs. Not every day is the red carpet of the Cannes festival, which is why it is important to pick the right airbrush or minimalist makeup. 

  • Virtual make-up applications

As technology and innovations rise, it is time to embrace new kinds of technology, such as VR, to make your online experiences even better. With high-end technology, you can provide makeup tutorials to students in any corner of the city. Also, these applications are constantly evolving, so you will always find better features to make the most of them.

  • Innovative makeup techniques

Makeup techniques are endless, offering numerous ways to execute this art form. Multi-dimensional techniques include freckles and faux beauty liners, negative space makeup, Halo eyes, and soap brows. Create a trend and use new innovative techniques to influence your customers and social media viewers.

These are not enough; many more ways can be found to set new trends in 2024. The options are dependent on the creative minds of individuals and can vary greatly. But if you want to be a showstopper, then it is important to hire the best professional wedding makeup artist in Pune to embrace the beauty within you. 

Who is the best wedding makeup artist in Pune? 

There are many wedding makeup artists in Pune, but finding the right one can be a daunting task. However, Pallavi, a professional wedding makeup artist in Pune, can assist you with her expertise, skills, and experience. She has worked with almost every face type and number of clients and that is what makes her capable of understanding what type suits you far better. With her assistance, you can elevate your appearance. 


Makeup artists in Pune set the trends for beauty. Not everyone finds their innovative makeup techniques and ability to blend old and contemporary styles appealing. By pushing the boundaries in the makeup industry and inspiring other newbies and naive makeup artists, they are emerging as thought leaders. So if you want to uplift the beauty of your appearance at your upcoming wedding, then this is the time to hire a professional wedding makeup artist in Pune


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