A glamorous appearance or want to flaunt the natural beauty of yours? This thought always bumped into our minds before stepping into any day or night event. 

Today we are introducing two types of makeup styles that create a buzz of beauty and make you a showstopper if chosen correctly. Soft glam and natural glam – both different types of makeup styles that an individual opts for based on personal style, preferences, occasion, and much more. 

Here we are going to unfold much more about these two topics in detail and if you want to discover more about these two makeup style then read further for detailed overview 

Take a look at the difference between soft glam and natural glam makeup looks  

Here are the differences between the soft glam and natural glam appearance – 

Soft glam 

Soft glam is a makeup style that adds a glam appearance to an individual’s beauty. The well polishing, sophisticated look heightens the beauty of the face and accentuates the natural glow. This makeup style is perfect for those who don’t believe in the “extra drama of makeup” and prefer a subtle appearance. 

In soft glam makeup art, the makeup is perfectly blended so that it naturally infuses into the face. A soft, natural tone of skin creates a magnetic appearance that invites the audience to embrace your real beauty. Now let’s take a dive into each element of how soft glam is categorized – 

  • Eyeshadow palette 

The most preferred eyeshadow colour palettes for soft glam are soft browns, mauves, and taupes. In order to create depth and dimension in the eye makeup look, the matte and shimmer shades need to be combined. 

  • Eyeliner and eyelashes

Eyeliner is applied with precision to the lash line, which does not seem overly enhanced. On the other hand, the eyelashes are the key element in the soft glam appearance, and instead of creating a dramatic one, makeup pros prefer to make it wispy and natural looking. 

  • Complexion 

The keen focus during the soft glam look is on the complexion; the subtle contouring and highlighter bring a flawless appearance. As per the match of the complexion, makeup professionals apply blush to the face to balance the appearance. 

  • Lips 

The real beauty shines through with the final touch up of lips, and today there are various shades of lip colour available, like nude, mauve, or soft pink. The simple yet elegant colour palettes match up with your sensational soft glam appearance. 

Natural Glam 

The natural glam appearance, as the name suggests, accentuates the prime features of the face. This kind of look always captures the attention of the audience because they are obsessed with the natural glow. This would be a good pick up choice for the ladies who don’t prefer heavy drama in their makeup. In order to define natural glam makeup, the “less is more” philosophy works every time. 

So if you want to celebrate your unique individuality and embrace the “real version” of yourself, then the natural glam look is just for you. In this, we are going to unveil the overall key elements that are main focus here – 

  • Eyeshadow palette – 

The most preferred colour palettes of eyeshadow are mostly earthy tones, like – beige, taupe, and soft gold. With the soft application of the eye shadow palette, you can give your eyes a tempting look like never before. 

  • Eyeliner and eyelashes –

Unlike soft glam, natural glam doesn’t lean into making a dramatic eyeliner; here, makeup pros prefer to keep it minimal. For a subtle look in the eyes, the most preferred colours are brown tones and soft blacks. 

On the other hand, an individual can use the mascara to improve the length of the eyelashes instead of putting eyelashes on. 

  • Complexion 

In natural glam, no foundation is needed, so prioritising the dewy, fresh look for a radiant look improves the overall appearance. A highlighter is needed to give a perfect glowing finish, and a contour is needed to highlight the special features of your face. 

  • Lips 

The colours of the lips are mostly nude or soft to improve the colour of the lip, and mostly the lips are glossy and satin. 

Soft glam and natural glam are both perfect at their ends, and these makeup looks highlight the features of your face and give perfect coverage like no other. This defines unique individuality and brings the natural appearance that creates a minimalist and fresh look to the face. Both can be your favourite makeup styles that are easy to carry, last for hours, and complement each other. 

Females may prefer as per their preferences, occasion, dress, and desire – but one thing is for sure, this all needs to be done under the supervision of the makeup professional. The hands on expertise brings the desired results and allows an individual to appreciate the real beauty. Connect with the PALLAVI MAKEUP ARTIST in Pune for the best makeup services in Pune

Factors to consider before deciding on soft and natural glam look

Here are the following factors to consider before making an investment on soft and natural glam appearance 

  • Type of occasion 

Natural glam is the most preferred makeup style during the day or casual events; on the other hand, soft glam is preferred during nighttime or evening gatherings. 

  • Based on personal style

Before making a decision, let us make it clear that if you want a subdued and effortless appearance, then natural glam is the best choice. While soft glam is most preferred for females who prefer glamour and sophistication, choose as per your personal style. 

  • Skin type and tone 

Natural glam will highlight the special features on your face, but soft glam will give you a proper, sophisticated look that embraces real beauty. 

  • Time availability 

The natural glam look is quicker than soft glam – so you can choose as per the availability of time. 

  • Longevity 

Natural glam isn’t included in the definition of longevity as it doesn’t last for a long time. But soft glam can be, and it requires multiple settings that need to be followed. 

Wrapping Up

As we summarise, it is important to prioritise the goals that you want to achieve through makeup. The definition of beauty is subjective, and it depends on how you feel and how you view others. Soft glam and natural glam are both best at their own ends. Soft glam requires a hint of foundation, contouring, and highlighter, while on the other hand, natural glam highlights the exceptional features on the face. As per the outfit choice, time availability, occasion, skin type and tone, and personality style – you can give it a try. Under the supervision of expert hands, you can paint a style that you want to showcase all around the world. 

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