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October is the time when we see all around the on-going and past trends to review the “best trends of the year” and also to predict the “future trends will be in the coming year 2024”. The makeup trends evolve as time, thoughts, and people’s preferences change. Pune makeup artist, professionals, fashion, and beauty lovers keep on experimenting as per the season and bringing new kinds of innovative looks.

Recent makeup trends that hold attention at the stage are latte makeup, cool tones, vampy lips, minimalist makeup, major lashes, and bold blush. These are some of the trends that nurture your true self as a cosmopolitan.

Weddings are also not more than enough of a gala event for to-be brides. On this occasion, she wants to look confident and content with her choices in her day, and hence she prefers her best look that represents her real identity.

Celebrities also inspire with their wedding looks, and today the minimal makeup, charm, simple mehndi, and other than red color wedding gowns are ready-to-go things that show up differently.

Every bride is unique; She just needs the help of a professional makeup artist to bring out her best side with the type of makeup you choose and the type of outfit that brings you in perfect shape. Speaking to Pallavi, who conducts the Pro Makeup Artist Course in Pune, we learned about the best wedding trends in the year 2024 and how to capture the beauty of a newlywed royal highness in a different way. If you’re planning your wedding, keep reading to learn more about the trends you can try.


Minimalism is a timeless trend, and this will rule the world with the test of time. With this skinmalism makeup trend, makeup artists embrace the beauty of the natural tone of the individual and opt for makeup to conceal the flaws. This is the time to focus on healthy and hydrated skin and create a glossy appearance through minimal makeup.

In several Met Gala and Lakme fashion events, celebrities highlight this minimalism makeup trend with their glowy skin appearance. They also prefer not to brag about using chemical-based makeup to reflect charm when their natural skin tone can do so.

Bold-eye looks 

Eye makeup is something that grabs the attention of the audience and defines your personality in a distinct manner. Wearing traditional black eyeliner is an out-of-style thing. Now is the time to switch your eye appearance with smokey, glittery shadows, graphic liners, and vibrant and bold colors.

In the glowy makeup, the bold-eyed look kneels down the audience towards you like a celebrity. Deepika Padukone’s look at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival has made her a showstopper that night.

Lashes are on the rage.

Eyelashes have their own rage effect that makes them look like stunners, and shimmering eyes show up the unique queen attitude.

The lashes give your eyes a new definition and pique the attention of the audience to bring the best out of it. It gives your eyes a distinct look and highlights your eyes’ features as you gaze at your audience. The shimmering eyes create a story and accentuate your beauty, bringing the most out of your look. If you want to be Beyonce at a Halloween party or cocktail party, then eyelashes can lift your spirits with the suitable makeup.

Personalized touches

The gift of ancestors or older people to the bride is like jewelry, and highlighting their unique appearance is an exceptional demand of the bride to lift your appearance. These kinds of personalized services tailored to the needs of the customer are going to be the foremost priority of the makeup salon or makeup artist.

Virtual makeup trials

Every second, technology is evolving, and new innovative trends are taking over. In the makeup industry as well, things are changing, and makeup artists can now do their work with ease by incorporating high-tech devices in the salon. For example, augmented reality may help the to-be brides try different looks on their attire. Also, it helps in making the right decision with the looks and the type of makeup without visiting the salon more often.

Soft and romantic lips

Instead of choosing the bold lip color, you can have soft, nude, subtle maneuvers, and peach colors. “Ombre lips”, on the other hand, have been a popular trend that you can opt for to give yourself a one-of-a-kind appearance. The feminine beauty that radiates a natural vibe is what pulls the crowd.

Statement eyebrows and colorful eyeliner

High-arch, pointer, arched in the middle, and angled brows are the types of eyebrows that create a statement that justifies true authentic beauty, and dropping the different shades in the eyeliner based on the theme party will appreciate the real essence. Colorful eyeliner shades like emerald green, electric blue,fiery red, orange red, and lilac liner are some of them to create a visually appealing look.

Final Thoughts!

On your special day, the girl left no stone unturned to shine through with her makeup and attire. To make this celebration more special, or if your best day is near you, you can use these trends to display the royal highness look. Makeup artists, fashion designers, and beauty lovers keep experimenting with trends to showcase themselves with a distinct look among the crowd.

With Pallavi, a professional makeup artist, you can surprise others with a subtle and personalized makeup look. Either at a cocktail party, a fashion event, or a wedding, she is adept at creating one-of-a kind looks that appeal and bring allure at first glance.

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