The beauty of South Indian makeup on a white saree or lehenga saree in any event looks stunning, and it will off-beat their look like other normal days.

A 9-yard saree is a versatile and the perfect go-to attire for almost every season. The beautiful draping of the saree with eye makeup, airbrush makeup, hair stylists, traditional jewelry, and sophisticated accessories brings charm and grace to ladies. This kind of attire alters the look, makes her one-of-a-kind, and stuns the viewer whenever she steps out. 

India is a diverse region, and there are various types of saree-draping styles in multiple regions. Seedha Pallu, Athpourey, Nauvari, Madisaru, Settu, and Nivi styles are some of the most famous styles of saree draping. These are the famous styles that ladies like to carry and create a head-turning experience for the viewer. Such saree styles inspire people, and viewers are also acquainted with the country’s tradition and culture. 

In this blog, the makeup artist Pune is going to give you a gist about the type of saree draping style that you can try and the quickest way to drape any kind of saree. For an amateur and daily wearer, this will be an adventurous experience to try something different in their saree attire.

What Are the Different Saree Draping Styles?

In every region, the draping style varies from one place to another, and there are the following types of saree draping styles that you must know:

  • Nivi basic saree draping style

The other name of Nivi style is Navi style, and this is the basic saree-draping style that is exceptional and accepted all across India. Initially, this draping style originated in Andhra Pradesh, and the beautiful pleated pallu drape over the left shoulder allows to showcase the beautiful design and embroidery of the saree. The rest of the saree is wrapped around the waist and tucked into the petticoat.

  • Open pallu saree draping style

The open pallu is another kind of saree draping style, and this beautiful style has been discovered by fashion enthusiasts or designers. As the name suggests, here the pallu remains loose and the whole saree is perfectly wrapped around the waist. Open pallu saree draping style is a one-of-a-kind saree style that gives an authentic look to a woman.

  • Front pallu saree draping style

You might have seen older women like your grandmother in your home have this kind of draping style. This style is easy to wear and gives women an older appearance. The front pallu saree draping style evolved in Gujarat. In any kind of celebration, like marriage and traditional rituals, you can try out this easy-to-carry style everywhere.

  • Atpoure draping style

During the celebration of Durga Pooja, all women dance to the festive beats in Atpure-draping style attire. This draping style is renowned in Bengal or Kolkata with the Atpoure blouse, basic makeup look and the sophisticated jewellery. The pallu of the saree is designed with beautiful embroidery and intricate prints. The pallu of the saree was draped over the right shoulder, pinned, and wrapped around the waist.

  • Mekhela Chador draping style

When women come up with this kind of draping style, it automatically displays the origin of this style. The women of the east region of India generally prefer to own this style to create an awe-inspiring experience. This style is a bit complicated and not a cup of tea for people who don’t belong to this place. These are the three main things in this style: mekhela, chador, and blouse. Tuck the plain end into the petticoat, make pleats for the other half of the saree, and drop them at the front of the petticoat.

Now bring the chador and drape it on the left shoulder, place it carefully around the waist, and let it create wonder in appearance.

  • Nauvari draping style

In Maharashtra, women generally wear this kind of saree, and the other names of the sarees are Lugada and Kashta sarees. The word Nauvari means the nine-yard saree, and women embellish themselves with this style during marriage events, traditional culture, or celebrations. The thing that makes them different is their unique lungi-type look from the bottom. The beautiful folded pleats draw the attention of the viewer in front, and the fall of a single wide pleat can be drawn at the top during the pooja. The Maharashtrian bridal look with their saree rules the stage and creates a vow experience for their family or friends.

  • Parsi gol style

The Parsi Gol is also known as the Parsi Gara style saree, and it is renowned for its embroidery and intricate designs. This kind of draping style is generally most often worn among Parsi women. Tuck the plain end into the petticoat first, and then make the pleats for the rest. Drape the beautiful, well-embroidered pallu from the shoulder and ensure to pin the saree in a round shape.

Other well-known ways to drape a saree 

  • Coorgi style 
  • Madisar drape
  • Namboothri style 
  • Kunbi drape 
  • Santhal drape 
  • Dhangad, Goa
  • Kapullu
  • Madisaru 
  • Kappulu draping style

How do I wear a saree in just 5 minutes?

Wearing a saree in a couple of seconds is also an art, and if you want to drape beautifully and look adorable, then here are five quick steps to be quick in a saree.

  • First, plan what kind of blouse and petticoat you want to wear with the saree. Make it ready.
  • Tuck the saree into the front of the waist and make quick pleats on the rest of the saree.
  • Drape it over your shoulder and get it pinned.
  • Complete your look with the well-matched accessories, and here you are ready to set the stage.
  • Don’t neglect the type of occasion and also the primary or major colours that look best on you.
  • Never change the attire or type of saree you want to wear at the last moment.
  • Take assistance from the Pune makeup artist who are adept at draping styles and can bring the best look to your event.
  • Always try to prepare yourself before the deadline.

Final thoughts 

The saree is versatile and perfect to wear in almost every season. With the folded pleats and draping style, you can add beauty to the celebration. This Indian attire represents our culture and age-old tradition. For every region, the draping style is different, but every style carries its own allure that leaves everyone in awe. For a bride to be, if she is ready to set for wedding rituals, then she needs someone who can drape it like no other. During this time, you need a professional Pune makeup artist who can help you out by wearing a saree and setting an image of heavenly beauty.

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